Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shine On

Ryder in the boat

Flowers in bloom at Flag Point

More Sprinkler Fun!

Helping with the tent

Planting a Maddie tree

July has been a month of refreshing sunshine and fun times. Although the fourth of July was a bit anti-climatic as would be expected in Canada we have continued to celebrate the little things in life through fun adventures and new discoveries. Both of the children faced 104* fevers and spent time in the kitchen sink with otter pops to reduce the "stingy's" as Maddie called them. Neither Matt or I slept much for that week but we came through stronger than we went in and gained new perspective on what it means to have patient endurance in comforting our children. Our momentary trial pales in comparison to a mother who spends years reducing fever in a child with cancer. We are blessed and thankful for our children's health and God's sweet mercy on our little family.

Since then we have successfully had our first family camp-out at hole #6 on the Malibu Frisbee Golf Course. We started off the evening with a scoop of ice cream from the Totem Inn and then trekked on over to set up the tent and sleeping bags. Maddie and Ryder both loved it. We slept until the sun came up at 5:30 and then went back to sleep only to wake again at 7:30 when the kayak breakfast campers came walking by. You can imagine their surprise to see us all in our jammies waving good morning! They thought it was a hoot!!

After our fun morning we helped welcome our friends Morrie and Linda to Malibu Lodge and spent a wonderful afternoon with wonderful friends and shared a delicious meal together.

Maddie continues to meet new friends and enjoys watching Cinderella, playing at the pool and in the sand volleyball court. Ryder is climbing all over the place and really wants to walk...he's almost there!

If we could pull all of our friends and family into this fun adventure we are having we would in a heartbeat!! We wish Nana a "Happy Birthday" and send kisses to the arrival of Princess Audrey Joy and blessings to the entire Windham family. Looking forward to our time in the states around August 12th...

"Somewhere between the end and the point we began...Shine on."
~ Need to Breathe

Matt, Julie, Maddie, and Ryder

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