Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bathtime at Treehouse

Julie and Katie share a love for Blizzards and dancing

Maddie's friend Tavita Pritchard

Frisbee Golf Course

Chopper landing at Hamburger Point

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away.
~Turn! Turn! Turn! by, The Byrds

Wow! What a crazy week we have had. So much has happened that it's challenging to know where to even start. So, I will begin with the chopper...

Moments after I stepped out of the shower and picked up the hair dryer a thunderous noise rattled our house. The pilot of a chopper decided to make Hamburger Point his landing pad. I'm sure you can imagine our amazement considering this isn't an everyday experience. Matt greeted our visitor and toured him around the camp. Graham was an excellent sport and even promised rides to property staff.

Some of you may know that my favorite Aunt Kristi isn't really my aunt at all. Through a longstanding friendship with my mom since their ninth grade year back at Hillsboro Mid-High the Goemmel/Larsen clan has just considered themselves related. Matt and I feel the same way about our friends Morrie and Linda Pigott. The former Julie Cyr (Matt's youngest sister) married Tyler Pigott and got some really cool in-laws. They just happened to fly on up to stay at Malibu Lodge with our friends the Goff's for a brief trip. We shared a meal family style together and many laughs. We miss them already and are so thankful for time well spent.

As the Pigott's flew out we welcomed old friends Emily and Brandon. Emily Russell is Nick's younger sister and has been helping me out with the kiddos. Whew! She is amazing with Maddie and Ryder and I feel incredibly blessed to have such a kind and caring girl singing songs over my children, slathering them with SPF 50 and sharing her bed with Ciscoe our cat.

Brandon is an old friend of Matt's and we cherish every minute we get to spend with him. A man of many talents not the least of them an overwhelming capacity to love without limits. Matt and B have been playing catch-up and hopefully scheming up some cool double date ideas!

So, besides getting to hang-out with really cool friends we've also had a lot of fun adventures. Of course! I experienced my first 18 holes of frisbee golf out on the infamous Malibu Frisbee Golf Course which included wading chest deep into the inlet to retrieve my frisbee and hitting some outstanding puts despite my lacklustre attempt to stay at or under par for my long drives.

Our day off consisted of an early morning ski session with Cody Payne. Matt and I soaked in the excitement of being in pristine salt water and incredible mountain views. After the ski sess we ventured off to the Goff's for some slacklining, a round of chess some great food and an opportunity to sport some high school marching band outfits and instruments to celebrate friends. I still remember hearing Maddie exclaim with glee "Mommy, you look so beautiful!!"

Today marks the first day of third session and we are looking forward to making new friends and our week out. Today I had the opportunity to teach a flash mob dance to some really excited work crew and summer staff and had a blast. Look forward to future pics of our moves...check us out Oprah! Matt drove the welcome ski boat and Maddie, Ryder, and Emily rode along too. After watching Hunter our skiier make his final lap Maddie turned to me and said "Mom, I would like to learn how to ski someday." Good times are being had by all.

Enjoy our pictures and feel free to send care packages!!


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