Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Joy of Fall

Fall is our favorite season. Swirls of red, green, orange and yellow leaves dancing on Union St. Chai tea latte's from the Met and the use of pumpkin in every recipe from turkey chili to bundt cake to oatmeal can't be beat. We have been filled with Joy in our home these last two months, despite fighting off various forms of bugs and sickness. We hope you are enjoying the sights and smells this season offers. With that, an update from the family.

Madeline loves her preschool friends and teachers and looks forward to pointing out "my school" whenever we drive by. She has been successfully working on her potty training and loves wearing her princess panties. We might go through 5 pairs in a day, but only because she wants to wear a new princess at different times of day. It's as though princess beauty, belle, and ariel need equal wearing time!

Ryder is sleeping well and growing so fast. He loves to giggle and coo. He affectionately loves his mama and his mama loves her little angel. Already outgrowing his 3-6 month clothes Matt is hoping it will be a good predictor for a future in Gig Harbor Basketball.

Matt boldly tackled the Halloween pumpkin this year making Maddie a princess Jasmine masterpiece. With a little coaching and encouragement he created a beautiful pumpkin that we proudly displayed for many nights, candle and all.

Julie began training at the YMCA this month and loves being back at work in some capacity. She is starting up a mom's running group on the weekends in Tacoma to provide an opportunity for women to gather and participate in a social run with an opportunity to join up for coffee/brunch afterwards. And is happy to be experimenting with the wide variety of root vegetables that come in their CSA. Beet bundt cake anyone?!

Check back in soon. We love our family and friends and are Thankful for the many blessings in our lives. Our joy is made complete in the loving relationships we have.