Thursday, July 29, 2010

Love never fails

Moon Rising

Emily's Hummingbird

Ryder and Emily

Crawling around Big Squawka

We are well into the first week of third session for campers. It's hard to believe we've made it this far and at the same time it feels like we've only just begun. Many of our interns will be leaving in two weeks and some will stay on until the end of September. It's been such a blessing to get to know such fantastic people from all over the states. We consider them to be a part of our family and are grateful for the way they have embraced both Maddie and Ryder will full hearts.

I find myself humming the tune of a favorite song inspired by a popular passage found in the book of Corinthians. Love does not fail. When my energetic daughter who has such fervor for life makes even the most active mother weary, love does not fail. As my son spends more nights crying due to teething and encounters more falls and bonks because he's learning how to walk, love does not fail. When my husband's demanding schedule requires more effort on my part to take care of the kids, love does not fail.

As a mom it's hard to not have someone come wrap their arms around you and give you a big hug and tell you "your doing a good job." I had a moment like that today when I just wanted my own mom to come give me a hug and tell me everything's going to be ok. It will. Love has never failed me yet nor will it ever fail in the future. I am surrounded by love that I receive from my children, husband, Malibu community and my sweet Savior.

Enjoy the pics of our recent fun adventures. We remain encouraged and grateful for the wonderful opportunity that we have been given to live in such a beautiful place, surrounded by so many amazing friends.


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