Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Always Sunny at Malibu!

Harbor Regatta

Ryder and Julie

"Cool Girl!"

Fancy Dinner

This post is appropriately titled "Always Sunny at Malibu" not because the sun always shines here, but because the joy in serving others and the pristine beauty that surrounds us constantly brings a comforting warmth and smile to our hearts.

The last two weeks have been quite a whirlwind for our family. The summer camper season has officially wrapped up and we have said our "goodbye's" to treasured interns who are off to their respective schools.

Due to a break in the schedule we had a short window to take a quick trip down to Gig Harbor to visit with family and friends and squeeze some shopping in. We visited our favorite pizzeria Fondi's and enjoyed ice cream at Ben & Jerry's.

Because our quick jaunt was during the Northwests heat wave, albeit short-lived, we fired up the grill for some BBQ and spent some time learning how to paddle board and hang around outside with friends. Julie had the opportunity to meet beautiful Audrey Windham, Ben and Annamarie's newest blessing while Maddie played with all her little buddies. We made it to the spray park for a couple of outings and played catch-up on life tales. Our next trip home will be in late September, just in time for Maddie to start her second year at Skyline Presbyterian Preschool and before the weather turns up here in BC.

Although the season continues with specialty groups like the Military, Washington Leadership, Women's Camp, and other private groups we have found time to dive into a new climbing book. Together we take turns reading aloud and dream of Himalayan quests upon our return. Ok...maybe more reasonable ascents like Rainier, Baker, and Adams! If you haven't done so already, check out No Shortcuts to the Top, by Ed Viestures. It's a great companion book to Jon Krakauers Into Thin Air.

We hope you enjoy a few of our more recent photos. Our internet connection has been down for almost 3 weeks due to a thick smoke haze created by neighboring forest fires and cloud coverage from rain so our previous posts didn't go through. Keep checking in as we have our final adventures here at Malibu Club!

And last but not least, a special Congratulations to Tyler, Julie, and Kiley Pigott on the arrival of baby Emmy Faith on August 22nd. A beautiful new addition to an extraordinary family!

The Cyr's

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